Welcome to the World Baby!

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There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a new baby. Bubblegum Balloons has a gorgeous collection of new baby gifts and greetings to welcome them to the world.

Welcome Home

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Welcome mum and baby home from the hospital with the Baby Girl and Baby Boy Crazy Foil Party Pack £30.00, Heart Tail Giant Balloon or Tassel Tail Giant Balloon in baby blue or baby pink £24.00 each.

Party Packs and Giant Balloons are delivered flat, ready for you to inflate at home.

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Sweet Dreams and Butterflies


The Sweet Dreams Confetti Balloon from £30.60 is filled with soft rainbow and white circle confetti. The tail is decorated with dreamy white clouds, soft rainbow 3D stars and ending with a gold 3D star.


The pretty Butterfly Confetti Balloon from £30.60 has a handmade tail of colourful 3D butterflies and white clouds. The bubble is filled with soft pink feathers and like all our balloons, can be personalised with a name or message.

Baby’s Christening


Celebrate a Christening with the Personalised Christening Confetti Balloon filled with white confetti and featuring a white and silver star tail. From £35.40

Or add a cute and cuddly white Christening Bear (£9.95) for baby to snuggle during the ceremony.


Will you be my Godparent?

Choosing a Godparent will be one of your first tasks and we have just the thing to mark this special occasion.

Will You Be My Godparent Feather Bubble Balloon Close Up

Personalised God Mother and God Father Feather Bubble Balloon from £35.40

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However you choose to welcome a new baby to the world, make it memorable with Bubblegum Balloons.

Check out our online store and order today for home delivery at www.bubblegumballoons.co.uk

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